Day: April 18, 2019

8 Steps To Survive Anything

You’ll never know when disaster will strike, so check out these steps to survive anything and prepare yourself for every eventuality. RELATED: 25 Obscure Bushcraft Skills For Survival In this article: While in the U.S. Air Force Increase Your Will to Survive Take a Minute and STOP Acquire Basic Medical Knowledge Ensure Appropriate Clothing for […]

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20 Home Security And Crime Prevention Secrets

These simple home security tips will keep you and your family safe from potential intruders. Read on and keep yourself aware! RELATED: Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family In this article: 20 Home Security Countermeasures to Keep Your Home and Family Safe Secure Your Doors with Multiple Locking Mechanisms Reinforce Your Door […]

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survival gear flint

Survival flints for fire

We’ve researched a variety of survival flints and fire starter kits and have selected the below products as some of the best you can have on hand in case of an emergency.

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Why Bullfrogs Make Good Meals

When bugging out into the woods, camping near a marsh on the shore of a small lake makes a lot of sense for the keen survivalist. Such a location will provide you with resources like food and water without having to spend too much energy to acquire them. If you like to go camping, you’ve […]

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