Climate change – how can we learn how to survive the future if we won’t even know what it’s like?

Hey all,

I don't really post here but I have something of an interest in survivalism. However it's difficult for me to get further into it as I don't have much of an inclination as to what I'm actually going to be surviving from/with/in. Due to our coming ecological crisis I am unsure that humans will be able to survive in the wilderness without some kind of advanced technology – foraging, hunting, and most forms of small-scale agriculture could be extremely difficult if not impossible in much of the world. In addition the increased potential for global conflict will make the potential for escape even more difficult. This kind of knowledge will still be useful, though I would prefer to narrow my search down to what is most practical given the situation.

Does anyone have any advice on this? I've been interested in learning more about things like permaculture, indoor agriculture (hydroponics/aeroponics), and renewable energy. In addition I have been considering putting more effort into self-defense training given the potential for extreme violence. Do any of you have any thoughts about adapting your survival planning to the crisis?

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