Complete Nood Trying to Figure Out How Flint and Steels Work

Hi all, I was hoping anyone could clear a few things up for me about fire starters (flint and steels.)

This is a traditional flint and steel. I understand that when striking it sparks are produced from little pieces of the steel that are broken away and heat up due to oxidisation.

However These are "modern" Fire starters but are also commonly known as flint and steels which is where my confusion stems from. Now, the straight rod, is this the steel part of this item and where pieces of steel are broken off? If so what material are the strikers commonly made from? Is it a different harder type of steel or another material. Alternatively do the sparks actually come from the striker?

I've also seen a lot of talk of ferrocium rods on this subreddit, are all modern fire starters made from this material or is it just a few. Furthermore in terms of heat and sparks produced are these better compared to conventional steel?

I apologise is this isn't the place to post this, and that it has been a bit rambly.

Any Clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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