Cooling water in the desert with minimal equipment

So having spent about a year living outdoors in the southern Mojave, which was about 2 years ago now, I've had a few thoughts about contraptions one could create on the cheap that while not exactly stellar, could improve the quality of life somewhat.

Some digging was done in the hard-pack desert by myself and others, and it is hard, slow going work, but you quickly find that the densely packed earth, while a real problem to excavate, hides a substrate only about 6 feet down that is about 30-40 degrees cooler than ambient air. Definitely enough to cool water below ambient for surviving 125+.

So the idea was to run any kind of line, though if affordable copper could be best, down into the hard-pack and use it to cool water. One could also put a water storage container down underground, downstream from the cooling coil, if one could manage.

Has anyone tried this?

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