How to carry a 72 hour emergency bag

I am in the process of putting together a 72 hour emergency bag(s). The issue I am having is reasonably being able to carry everything in 2 packs if we're forced to walk for several miles.

The bags are for 2 adults and 1 child (4 yo)

Separate duffel bag with the majority of our water (recommended amount). But frankly carrying all that water is is something that will likely not be possible if we have to walk. At this point putting in liters of water is not really possible.

Still need to get the following, which will take up more space or make the packs even heavier. All listed here I've seen recommended.

3 blankets

Shoes and weather appropriate clothing

Tent/sleeping bags



In my pack at this point

1- Big fixed blade knife

2- Multi tool with ax and adjustable wrench

3- emergency heat reflective blankets in a compressed bag

4- A good rain jacket in a compressed bag

5- A tarp in a compressed bag

6- Medications in a bag

7- Rather elaborate first aid kit in it's own bag

8- Fire starter sticks

9- 2 bic lighters

10- Solar powered lantern/charger for phones etc. Assorted cables. Head lamp.

11- Wind up weather radio

12- 3-Tooth brushes and toothpaste

13- Life straw

14- 2 sets of underwear and shirts

15- 3 pairs socks (I packed more socks, because wet feet are horrible)

16- bug spray

17- duct tape

18- a couple magazines and crayons for my child

19- plastic sheeting

20 – playing cards

21 – cash and coins

22- Like 4 bottles of water.

23 – Energy bars.

24- Trash bags and baby wipes.

25- Paper with emergency contacts, list of people in my family (3)

Thanks for any help.

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