I want to create a survival unit for middle school history class


  • I am a middle school history teacher who was looking for some help with ideas for a survival unit for students. I teach 6th grade, which in my state, covers early humans and thought whats a better topic than teaching them their own survival skills and then talking about what early humans had to go through. I am looking to give them general skills about what to do when they think an animal may attack, how to find water, how to build shelter and other basic skills 11 years old don't have yet. In terms of geography, I am thinking of forest, desert, mountain and savanna survival (maybe ocean?). I would also love any suggestion on other locations that might be important for them to know (I am located in Northern California in the Central Valley)

  • I am hoping some of you may have suggestions of shorter books (I don't have the most time in the world to read) to get good information from.

  • I think the biggest advice I would appreciate is opinions on what skills are the most important so I can narrow down what I want to accomplish. In general I want them to understand how difficult it was for anyone to migrate especially to a place that is unknown to them (early human migration, explorers, traders

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