Is pottassium permanganate an ultra-efficient water purifier?

Is pottassium permanganate an ultra-efficient water purifier?

The most straightforward source I have found on the efficacy of potassium permanganate states that 2.5 mg of this chemical will "completely kill" bacteria in one liter of water. The website sites "the united states EPA" but the link is a 404. The website where I obtained the above quote can be found below:

I bought some potassium permenganate tablets from china (they are very cheap). It appears they are marketed as a botany or aquarium purification product, but from what I have been able to learn, these tablets have only a single ingredient-KmNO3. They are stated to be 0.2g quantities on this website (translated into english):

If this is true, than a single one of the tablets could, in theory, make 80 liters of water potable. This seems absurdly high to me so I am requesting your insights in this matter. I have been unable to find much info on the dosing of KmNo4 besides the rule of thumb:" bright pink to sterilize it, deeper pink to make an antiseptic and to a full red to treat fungal diseases such as athlete’s foot".

I could test this directly, but that would take more effort than posting on reddit to see if what I am saying sounds stupid.

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