Powerful Natural Antibiotics You Need To Know About

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As preppers, we need to be prepared for anything, including being able to alleviate infections during an emergency. Of course, there are times when seeing a doctor is a must! But oftentimes you can take care of minor ailments with natural antibiotics you have in your home at all times.

Lemon and garlic on a wooden board

Lemon and garlic on a wooden board

Why Learn About Natural Antibiotic Uses

Do you find yourself wondering what event will cause enough widespread devastation to bring an end to our modern way of living? Chances are, nuclear blasts, military takeovers, and financial collapse are all primary causes that leap to mind first.

At best, you might consider widespread epidemics as something more likely to be caused by social collapse instead of actually being the primary driving factor.

In the post-crisis world, poor sanitation, consuming unfamiliar foods, increased risk of injuries, and soaring stress levels are all going to create a situation where you may need antibiotics to treat an infection.

Many people are surprised to discover that they have potent, safe antibiotics right in their own kitchen.  Take the time now to learn how to grow and make these simple foods into powerful medicines that will serve you and your family well in a time of crisis.

Note:  I am not a doctor so please seek the advice of a medical professional and read my disclaimer.

There are many herbs that have very powerful antibiotic properties that will kill bacteria and viral infections naturally and safely, without toxins. Many herbs target the immediate areas with all necessary enzymes to heal and nourish naturally.

A few examples of all natural antibiotics are garlic, oregano, thyme and echinacea.

A freshly juiced apple (if you drink it immediately before the oxidation process begins) contains antiviral properties and many other healing nutrients and enzymes.

Check out the articles below to learn more about the power and benefits of these wonderful natural antibiotics.

Effective Natural Antibiotics For Troubled Times

You don’t need to run to the doctor or the pharmacy for every little scratch or sore throat. There are natural remedies that do as good a job (and sometimes better). And you have many of these natural alternatives right in your pantry.

7 All Natural Antibiotics To Use In Emergencies

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7 All Natural Antibiotics To Use In Emergencies

Modern medicine has created such an incredible expansion of lifespan for all sorts of creatures on our planet. It’s easy to say that things like antibiotics are bad and are harming the world. They might even be creating a serious superbug that is antibiotic-resistant.

Chances are, however, you wouldn’t be able to say any of that if you didn’t have modern-day antibiotics. People are living longer than ever and its an incredible feat.  So what happens when the world falls apart and there are no more bottle of antibiotics? Well, you are going to have to understand the natural ones.

Yes, our planet has a collection of natural antibiotics that can be used to help deal with disease as well. While it is not always the most ideal way to treat, it is effective. This article is about 7 all-natural antibiotics that you can use when the time comes.

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11 Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics

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11 Herbal Alternatives to Antibiotics

Survival antibiotics are often overlooked by preppers. One reason is because preppers don’t know which ones to buy or even where to get them.

Another reason is because they haven’t needed them before so they forget that they might need them in the future. I am not a doctor so always consult a professional before you stockpile any antibiotic, just in case you’re allergic to it.

There are so many other ways to get your hands on some of these antibiotics without having to even see a doctor!

Yes, you read that right! I personally have hundreds of antibiotics in Mylar bags that are stored away for that just in-case day!

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11 Natural Antibiotics for Everyone (and how to use them)

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11 Natural Antibiotics for Everyone (and how to use them)

Getting sick is one of the worst things that can happen. When you are stuck on the couch, can’t move and can’t sleep either, its as near to torture as you are going to get.

It is in this time we understand the importance of HELP and having people around who care for you. We understand the importance of clean water and comfort.

Chicken soup can bring you back from the dead! Still, we also appreciate the often vilified pharmaceutical industry.

What happens when you get sick in a SHTF scenario and you can not see a doctor? How do you get antibiotics in a time when all the doctors are gone? Worse yet, what if your loved ones need this kind of help? We must have answers and this article will give you some.

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Sugardine: How to Make an Emergency Antiseptic

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Sugardine: How to Make an Emergency Antiseptic

Sugardine is commonly used as a veterinary antiseptic, but it has potential for survival situations as well. It is extremely easy to make, simple to apply, and it is great at killing bacteria. Sure, there are plenty of antibiotics you can apply to wounds, but what if you run out or the antibiotics become ineffective?

While storing and having access to medical gear is great, versatility and resourcefulness can be just as important.

Sugardine has been used for a long time to keep bacteria out of wounds. It has even been featured in medical journals where they describe the unexpected benefits of the mixture.

I am not a doctor and would not pretend to be one. There are plenty of store bought antiseptics or antibiotics that work just fine. If you are in dire need of medical attention, do not break out the sugar and iodine, find a doctor immediately.

See how Sugardine can go from horse stable to survival staple in the article below.

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Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Don’t Require A Prescription

Photo Credit: naturalnewsblogs.com

Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Don’t Require A Prescription

Getting a prescription can be quite expensive. I know when I visit my doctor I pay around $150. So for that reason alone, I have taken it upon myself to learn more about natural healing and remedies. Especially natural antibiotics.

I found a great article from naturalnews.com where they list 10 amazing powerful and natural antibiotics. Obviously if you have a serious illness, I would recommend going to a doctor or hospital right away (and please read my disclaimer).

These natural antibiotics could be used in emergency situations or in a pinch until you can get to a doctor.

Did you know that RX prescriptions kill our friendly gut bacteria, mess up our digestive system, lower immunity, and give rise to the development of super-bacteria that become resistant to the most powerful drugs? It’s a bit scary right?  So learn more about using natural reemdies instead.

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