Survival Kit with Food

Finding a survival kit with food is easier now than it ever has been before.  A variety of companies have launched products that incorporate important survival hardware and tools and food.  These emergency rations come in a variety of types.  These high calorie food packs may not taste like a porterhouse, but in an Survival Kit with Foodemergency situation they are ideal. Having a single go-to bug-out bag with both a survival kit and food included seems like a no brainer.  Many of these kits incorporate the process of having their food freeze dried. This increases the shelf life and eliminates the concerns of having to frequently replace the food.

Freeze Dried Food

The process of freeze drying food eliminates frozen water crystals during the “sublimation” process.  Then the emergency food goes through a second drying process, usually at a higher temperature.  This helps eliminate any of the remaining water in the product.  Packaging the freeze dried food in an air tight package, using nitrogen inside while sealing packaging further helps to prevent oxygen and moisture from getting to the food.

Top rated Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag has 3 days of food for 4 people.
Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped with 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies for 4 Peoplebugout bag

Rescue Guard First Aid Kit Hurricane Disaster or Earthquake Emergency Survival Bug Out Bag Supplies for Families – up to 12 Day Multi Person 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies.

Ready America also has a very nice 2-person 3-day emergency backpack that includes food and other supplies.

Rescue Guard; First Aid Kit, Hurricane Kit, Disaster Kit or Earthquake Kit; Emergency Survival Kit, Bug Out Bag Supplies, Survival Gear for 12 Days, 6 Days for 2, 72 Hours 4 People (Survival Pack)disaster preparedness

Wise Food has a 5-day survival backpack

Wise Foods 5 Day Survival Backpack, CamoDisaster Preparedness Supplies

First My Family has an all-in-one 4-person premium disaster prep survival kit with food enough to last 3 days.

First My Family 4FKIT All-in-One 4-Person Premium Disaster Preparedness Survival Kit/Earthquake Kit with 72 Hours of Survival and First-Aid Supplies 4PKITemergency bag

Emergency Zone’s 4-person Family prep bag also contains 72 hours of food.

Emergency Zone 4 Person Family Prep 72 Hour Survival Kit/Go-Bag | Perfect Way to Prepare Your Family | Be Ready for Disasters Like Hurricanes, Earthquake, Wildfire, Floods | Now Includes Bonus Item!emergency food kit

Looking for emergency food without the full kit?

If you already have a well stocked survival kit or bug-out bag and are looking for quick food rations to add to your kit, consider these.  The Millennium Energy Bars 36 pack, a product of the USA, weighs in at just 7 pounds and the bars have a 5 year shelf life! With 32g of sugar per bar and 400 calories each, a 36 bar pack is enough for one person to consume 5 bars per day for 7 days.

Looking for more Survival Kits?

If what you’re looking for hasn’t been reviewed here, don’t worry.  We have pre-populated an Amazon search for you to look through their entire catalog of survival kits. Just click here for more Survival KitsAmazon.  You can also learn more about what makes a good survival kit here.