Survivorman tortures fan and ends show

I was just thinking about that episode of Survivorman when Les Stroud had a fan on the program and proceeded to nearly kill him.

That episode changed my feelings about "survivorman" entirely. He knew he was picking a pasty city slicker, he just as easily could have chosen someone with backwoods experience. But even forgetting that, was it really too much to ask for him to give some basic instruction? To allow the poor guy to share his camp at night? To at least MENTION that cold air will settle in the place he's bedding down?

I mean it was just brutal, I was honestly surprised they put it on air. Then, immediately after that the show starts putting out like 1 episode a year.

Did Les Stroud's treatment of that poor young man put an end to his show or am I just personally bothered by it more than most?

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