How To Survive Iran’s Potential Attacks

The last week has seen the death of one of the world’s worst remaining terror leaders, General Soleimani of Iran, thanks to orders issuing out of the President’s office and carried out by our nation’s military. This makes the second major player taken out during Trump’s time in office, as well as the end of […]

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[Illegal Immigrants] What It’s Like To Live Next To A Failed State

Ever since the Zetas were ousted by the Gulf Cartel, the cartel wars in Mexico have been on the rise. We don’t hear as much about it as we did a decade ago, but that’s not because things have quieted down. Rather, it’s because it has become dangerous for reporters to say anything about what’s […]

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Julian Assange Arrest – How Can It Affect The US?

Julian Assange has long been a thorn in the side of the United States Government, almost as bad a thorn as NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The one major difference between the two is that Snowden worked from inside the system, while Assange worked from the outside. Snowden was a whistle-blower who wanted to let the American […]

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